As an independent and impartial institution, the General Prosecution Office monitors the statutes and programs of the political parties and their activities to ensure their compliance with the provisions of the Constitution and the Law. When it is suspected that a political party was founded illegally in its establishment phase, investigations are carried out by the General Prosecution Office of the Supreme Court of Appeal. It is also empowered to file a lawsuit for the closure of a political party at the Constitutional Court. The General Prosecution Office also has duties for keeping the registration file of the political parties and for conducting investigations related to the political parties (pursuant to the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey and Law No. 2820 on Political Parties).

During the office of Mehmet AKARCA as the General Prosecutor of the Supreme Court of Appeal, some political parties were identified to have participated in the elections in a manner to influence the wills of voters although their organizations were not active; as a result of the work on the matter, the organisations of those political parties who did not actively operate were identified; and criminal complaints were filed with the Public Prosecution Office of Ankara for political parties which were identified as failing to provide necessary information and documents or providing false statements.

Various applications were filed with the Constitutional Court on political parties which failed to comply with the Constitution and laws.

Queries on political party membership can be done through the website of the General Prosecution Office of the Supreme Court of Appeal or mobile phone messages.