• Constitution of the Republic of Turkey 
  • Law on Supreme Court of Appeal/Court of Cassation (No. 2797)
  • Law on Political Parties (No. 2820)
  • Law on Prosecution of Public Servants and Other Public Officials (No. 4483) 
  • Law on Ombudsman Institution (No. 6328)
  • Law on Criminal Procedure (No. 5271)
  • Law on Civil Servants (No. 657)
  • Law on Civil Procedure (No. 6100)
  • Law on the Establishment and Rules of Procedures of the Constitutional Court (No. 6216)
  • Law on Council of Judges and Prosecutors (No. 6087)
  • Law on the Establishment and Rules of Procedure of the Court of Jurisdictional Disputes (No. 2247)
  • Law on the Establishment, Duties and Jurisdiction of First Instance Judicial Courts and Regional Courts of Justice (No 5235)
  • Internal Regulation of the Supreme Court of Appeal